2019 Marks our 11th Annual Field Service Management Summit !

Against the backdrop of a rapidly progressive technology market, increasing consumer demands and economic fluctuations, companies are recognising the need to develop strategic measures in field service mobility. Field service mobility optimisation will play a significant role in increasing cost savings and operational efficiency. Through large productivity gains companies will increase customer retention and satisfaction.

The 11th Annual Field Service Management Summit is Australasia’s most established event for field service management and field force automation. Each year the event brings together over 100 senior level professionals from across Australia and overseas to discuss the latest developments in Field service management, Technological integration, Workflow automation, Dispatch management, Mobile computing and so much more!

Learn and gain insight into valuable case study presentations and real life scenarios in order to achieve:

  •  Improved workforce mobility and productivity
  •  Integration of new systems with existing ones
  •  Real-time data analysis and communication
  •  Advanced scheduling and route setting
  •  Enabled flexibility of mobile workforce solutions

This event will examines the key areas that companies and organisations are moving towards in an effort to maximise service delivery to customers and operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

Why Attend FSM 2019?

Meet, Learn & network with over 100+ field service professionals from various industries like Government, Utilities, Health, Telcos, Construction and so much more!

Benefit from in-depth case studies providing detailed strategies to improve response times of field technicians and deliver services more efficiently

Networking with key individuals through Interactive workshops, champagne roundtables, speed networking, Mobile apps and more!

Evaluate leading mobility applications, business software and tracking solutions that are providing value to both your peers and competitors

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