16 - 17 April, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Melinda Hodkiewicz

BHP Biliton Fellow for Engineering for Remote Operations
University for Western Australia

3:55 PM Siri for Maintenance Logs

Siri’s knowledge is built on ontologies, inference networks, pattern matching agents, dictionaries, and
dialog models. A key element of this the ontologies. Everyone who wants to do natural language
processing of maintenance data develops their own ontology and as a result there is no way to scale,
reuse or connect them. As a result gains in machine reading of maintenance logs are slow and there are
no apps like Siri. However there is hope that this will change. This talk describes.
·         What we mean by ontologies and why they are important to FSM
·         Examples of how they can support your ability to question your data
·         Ongoing collaborative developments to make this all happen

12:00 PM Unlocking the Value of IoT for Field Service management: The Benefits of Connectivity in Tracking, Data Collection and Efficiency

IoT holds the potential to transform field services by offering greater connectivity and integration of various platforms and devices. This session will explore its various applications, from tracking to troubleshooting and strategies to overcome the shortcomings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the various application of IoT in field services
  • Tapping into the benefits in tracking, scheduling and data collection
  • Investigating its role in troubleshooting
  • Leveraging cheap off-the-shelf solutions to overcome the obstacles presented by cost and integration

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