16 - 17 April, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Digby Wilson

GM, Delivery, Eastern

4:40 PM Setting up Field Workers for a Major Transformation involving a new workforce management system: A Case Study on Culture and Change Management

Telstra is en route to implementing a new workforce management platform to improve the efficiency of its 4,650 field workers. A large workforce, in all corners of Australia working on a variety of simple and complex products, in a rapidly changing industry. This session will explore how a leader led change, across a large diverse resource base, was used to successfully install a new management system that was challenged by distance and culture.

  • Investigating platforms to enable collaboration among a geographically dispersed workforce;
  • Strategies to build engagement with integrity, confidence and hope;
  • Collapsing an organisation to drive consistent and quality results

2:30 PM Enabling Collaboration for Engagement and Effective Change Management

Workplace culture is critical to ensure that change and transformation is effective. Collaboration and interaction is key to engagement and change. However when the workforce is geographically spread out and the jobs are done in isolation, this presents a unique set of challenges. This session will investigate how to grow employee engagement and collaboration for organisational change.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning how to leveraging technology to enable collaboration from remote areas;
  • Investigating solutions to overcome challenges of connectivity in areas with poor reception;
  • Understanding how to embed collaboration and interaction into the workday, between jobs and driving;

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