16 - 17 April, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Adrian Buttigieg

Regional IT Director, Australia & Asia
City Facilities Management

2:25 PM Effectively using GPS Tracking Technology and Google Maps and Investigating the Potential of IoT and Tracking Devices for Improved Retrieval of Shopping Trolleys and Significant Savings

Lost and abandoned trolleys set back Coles by almost 20 million dollars a year in replacement costs and council fines. Their facilities manager has devised a seamless management systems using GPS and Google maps to track them down in a cost effective manner. By using this data to identify ‘hotspot’, popular dumping sites, drivers are able to better plan their routes leading to time and cost savings. But that isn’t all, they are also looking at the potential of IoT to improve tracking.

  • Creating a platform for seamless work orders
  • Leveraging data from GPS and Google maps to create geo codes and hotspots
  • Investigating the pros and cons of using IoT

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