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5 Strategies Australian Organisations are Leveraging to Optimise Field Services

Field services are in flux, with technology like IoT, drones and virtual reality transforming traditional operations and allowing technicians to move on to more value added tasks. Moreover, in today’s ever connected world where everything is available almos ...

Leveraging Scalable Technologies to Effectively Streamline SME Operations

Ahead of the Field Service Management for SME’s Expo 2018 we chat to Eduardo Rodrigues, Business Development Manager at GeoOp, a cloud-based job management software provider for SMEs. In this article Eduardo explores some of the key challenges affectin ...

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The power of mobility: Creating a smarter workforce in the field

How field-service companies can strategically leverage mobile to drive efficiencies, improve customer service and benefit from a more profitable bottom line.

Apps built to purpose: Custom field service software development

When it comes to developing field service software, companies have two fundamental choices. You can purchase or license a generic application from a vendor. You can develop a custom application, building the app to purpose with either your in-house software development team or an outside partner.

Field service mobility – What’s in it for me?

Field Service mobility has become easy to imagine. As we speak, companies are achieving a mobile and connected field service based operation because the technology building blocks are firmly in place. Even the small and medium businesses are able to embrace the inherent automation of a robust mobile solution. If...

Presentation: SA Water’s Mobility Journey – enabling our people to utilise technology to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

In this past presentation from FSM 2017 Susie Butler, Manager, Business Improvement Operations & Maintenance  and Michael Humpreys, Business Process Lead at SA Water explore:Leveraging mobile technology to improve our servicesEmbedding change management activities as a critical success element of our operational technology programKeeping our operational people connected to our...

Increasing Process Efficiency through Improved Connection and Collaboration between Field Service Technicians

In this past presentation from FSM 2017 Michelle Ockers, former National Supply Chain Technical Capability Manager at Coca-Cola Amatil explores:Connecting and interacting while on the goImproving problem-solving and troubleshooting through collaborationUsing mobile tools and sharing knowledge to improve field service resultsShifting mindset and habits across your workforce

Restructuring Business Processes to Increase Employee Effectiveness

In this past presentation from FSM 2017 Lance Martin, Superintendent AMP at the Western Australia Police Service explores:Transforming your field service effectiveness through mobility strategiesAssessing the scope of your business to determine the tools worth investing inFocusing on function and performance to deliver a commercially viable service solutionAllocating resources necessary...

Integrating Change Management Strategies for Successful Business Improvement

In this past presentation from FSM 2017 Gavin Hudson, Queensland State Manager at KinCare explores:Embedding business change while avoiding change management burn outImplementing change management from the very concept to realityMinimising impact of field service changes through workforce engagement

Developing a Change Management Strategy to Improve the Deployment of a New Integrated Field Services Management System

In this past presentation from FSM 2017 Stephanie Forsmann, Manager Information Systems Operations and Melissa Young, Business System Support Officer at Sydney Water explore:Leveraging change management specialist to assist with the deploymentEngaging in site visits and road shows to improve communications with field staffDeveloping change champions within each of the...

FSM Snapshot: How Different Industries are Innovating their Field Services

Ahead of Field Service Management 2017 we take a look at the strategies different industries -from aviation to manufacturing and utilities - are employing to combat field services challenges, streamline processes, and improve the customer experience.    

10th Annual FSM Summit 2018 Registration Form

Interested in attending the 10th Annual FSM Summit 2018? Fast track your attendence by downloading and filling in this form and email it back to registration@iqpc.com.au

10th Annual FSM Summit 2018 Sponsorship Prospectus

Download the 10th Annual FSM Summit 2018 Sponsorship Prospectus to find out more about event sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.

Culture and Change Management at Telstra: Preparing Field Workers for Major Transformation

Ahead of the Field Service Management Summit 2018 we chat to Digby Wilson, General Manager of Field Service Delivery, Eastern at Telstra. In this Q&A article Digby chats to us about new management systems at Telstra that are transforming culture and delivering optimised results for staff, the business and their...

5 Critical KPIs for Field Service Success

Field service is becoming an increasingly competitive industry. More and more, companies are looking for ways to outperform the competition to retain and win customers. It is impossible to accomplish this — and to run a successful field service business in general — without leveraging KPIs.Ahead of FSM 2018 we explore the 5 top KPI's for field...

Improving Customer Satisfaction with Technology and a New Maintenance Management Plan

Ahead of the 10th annual Field Service Management summit we chat to Susie Butler, Manager of Business Improvement, Operations and Maintenance at SA Water. Susie shares with us details of SA Waters new asset and maintenance management plan that is enabling field service staff to utilise technology to improve business...

SA Water’s Mobility Journey – enabling our people to utilise technology to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

Ahead of the 10th annual Field Service Management summit we chat to Susie Butler, Manager of Business Improvement, Operations and Maintenance at SA Water. Susie shares with us details of SA Waters new asset and maintenance management plan that is enabling field service staff to utilise technology to improve business...

The Cloud: Up Where Customer Service For The Fi eld Belongs

Learn how leveraging cloud solutions to optimize your mobile workforce improves the experiences of your customers while lowering operational and IT costs.

Measuring Up your Field Service Performan ce

What to measure and how Analytics and BI can become an invaluable tool for your business

Moving Beyond the Basics with Field Service Mobility

There are many outputs of a mobility solution integrated with a Workforce Management optimization scheduling solution. Most service organizations are focused on visibility, or understanding where their field resources are located at any given point during the day.

Best Practices for Measuring Your Field Service Business

Every business is driven primarily by the pursuit of profit, constantly seeking to maximize earnings by increasing revenues and containing or reducing costs.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Transforming Field Service

Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 6.4 billion connected “things” will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015, and will reach 20.8 billion by 2020. This interconnected world will provide a wealth of new opportunities for service organizations.

How to Gain Visibility and Control of Your 3rd Party Field Service Workforce

Modern Mobile Workforce Management solutions can seamlessly integrate third-party technicians and contractors for improved visibility and control.

Building Field Service Proficiency: Challenges,Opportunities and Strategic Investments

Ahead of the 10th Annual Field Service Management Summit 2018 we surveyed 100 field service management professionals from a cross-section of industries across Australia and New Zealand to learn where their businesses are investing time and money, and the ROI they hope to see. Through an exploration of the local...

Reducing Non-Productive Time on the Road with Data Driven Scheduling Systems

Ahead of the field service management summit 2018 we chat to Brad Mellor, State Manager of Field Operations (ACT/NSW) at ADT Security. In this article Brad shares with us detail of the data driven scheduling systems integrated which are increasing technicians’ productive time, and delves into the cultural transformations that...

Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices

There can be no doubt that the introduction of mobile technology is driving huge productivity gains for mobile workers and their employers as first the use of notebooks, and now tablets and handhelds extends across many different industries. But the cost of this mobile revolution is, in many cases, far...

Infographic: How to get staff to buy into your new mobile technology

Tracking technology can appear to staff like Big Brother. When a business invests in mobile job management software, it needs to satisfy its workers that the new technology will benefit them as much as it will help the business. Mobile staff will find it easier to get to their jobs,...

Improve Field Service Management with these 5 Expert Tips

With new technologies entering the market, field service management is changing rapidly. Trend reports estimate that as early as 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) will play an essential role in the scheduling of field service management, as much as a tenth of all field service technicians is estimated to be then...