Best Attractions in Melbourne

There is no perfect time to visit Melbourne than in the summer. At this time of the year, there are many attractions for sports, music, travel lovers, families and children. Every summer in Melbourne brings spectacular events, outdoor dining, delicacies, and entertainment for the whole family. Below are the best attractions in Melbourne:

If you are a music lover, you can visit the famous Melbourne International Music Festival, which is held every summer. Melbourne also has attractions such as theaters, festivals, exhibitions, and musical performances. You could buy a ticket at an Enrique Iglesias concert or even at a Savage Garden concert.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival attracts talented specialists from different countries and top states around the world and makes you laugh. You can find Jerry Seinfeld or even the celebrated Jim Carrey, who makes his action on stage right in front of your eyes. This show takes place in different places each year.

Melbourne is the vanguard of Australian and aboriginal heritage and culture. It was possible either to buy goods for aboriginal people in a variety of tourist shops or simply view the Australian Film Center in Melbourne. Melbourne also has attractions such as the Immigration Museum and the Melbourne Museum, where you can see this aboriginal art.

Shopping on the famous Collins Street in Melbourne is a must when you visit Melbourne. This is a great place for clothes for men and women. On the way to shopping, you can go to the Bourke Street Dymocks Bookstore or go to Flinders Street.

Night bars and Bars are Melbourne’s most popular sports. Night clubs are spread throughout the city. These include the Cocktail Bar and Glow Bar. Melbourne is also a popular destination for jazz lovers. You could attend jazz clubs or even jazz festivals such as Tony Starr Kittens Club or Hardware Lane.

Williamstown, one of the most popular Melbourne restaurants, offers a delicious selection of delicacies for every taste. You can find something you want to eat – from Mexican to Oriental, to fantastic seafood and fine wines. It also offers the most panoramic views of the city.

Melbourne Aquarium displays aquatic life in Australia. You could see real sharks blooming over their heads through yellowish glass showing the aquatic life. People have the right to photograph the most colorful and beautiful fish, rays and other marine life for a low price.