Benefits Of A Ute Lid in Australia

From concept to reality, hard lids are manufactured in Australia. HSP is one of the official distributors across Australia. Ute hard lids are made with premium standard features such as dimensional and aerodynamic styling. Advanced technology such as vacuum infusion is mostly used. The company has a long history of making hard lids in the Australia market. 100% fitment is guaranteed from the HSP ute lids automobile technicians. Your lid is warranted for three years against damage.  For specific types of lids like the alpha canopy in perth, we recommend getting in touch with HSP ute lids.

The different reasons why you should choose Ute hard lids include:
– Security: Open truck bed invites the opportunity to haul around your luggage, tools, and equipments. With the hard lid, truck owners have the ability to turn their truck bed into a trunk that will secure the items.
– Protection: It shields your truck bed from sun, rain, and debris damage. If you need to transport something on a rainy season, you’ll be glad to keep everything dry. Deeper channels are used to allow for water retention.
– Aesthetics: Hard lids looks cool and will give your truck a unique streamlined look that many people find appealing. Carpet lining in the interior also enhances visual aesthetics.
– Utility: Do you use your truck to haul a lot of scraps? The lid allows you to use your truck for all that stuff.

Ute hard lids come with the following features:
– Central locking: The system works with a proximity sensor. You will simultaneously lock the truck and the lid by just touching a button.
– Pin Release System: With this, you can remove the lid in less than two minutes. Mostly efficient when transporting large goods.
– Struts Twin Lift: These will offset the weight which makes opening and closing easier. The struts can lift the lid up to 1.2m.
– LED light: It’s integrated on top of the lid. The light enhances visions so that you can access your items without any hassle.