Are Ankle Boots Comfortable?

Are ankle boots comfortable as opposed to stilettos and other heels that’ll wreck your feet? Yes. But like every brand new pair of shoes ankle booties do need some breaking in, and if you plan on wearing them for different comfy-ish occassions, it’ll be ideal to get something with the least “breaking in” timeline. Because these booties are the most versatile of all shoe styles you could find a range from 1 inch block to 5 inch stiletto heels, and everything inbetween on the ankle boot spectrum. Here are some smart shopping features to bear in mind before getting your cold-weather staple shoe.
– Stacked Platform or black ankle boots: if the intent is to wear your booties all day all, the one feature you can’t afford to discard is the heel. Unless your day job is modeling, wearing pointed heels ALL DAY is a recipe for disaster. Not only will you end up walking crooked by the end of the day, you’ll be slowed down, and perform at a less than ideal peak. Opt for block heels because they offer so much stability you could even run in them regardless of the height. Wedged heels are a close second but less stylish cousin in the comfy department, so stick with platforms. We found Dr Scholl’s Amara to fit this bill quite nicely.
– Ankle Opening and Wide Toe Box: everything that has to do with breaking in a new shoe boils down to the toe box. If you have really skinny feet, you’ll break in faster than most to pointed shoes. But if you plan on going everywhere with your booties, it’ll best to have something with a wider toe box to avoid pinching and blisters. Ankles boots with a side opening are easier to slip on and off, plus they also offer some relief at the heels of your feet. The Everlane Day Boot fits this description perfectly. Morever the buttery soft feel of the leather means it’ll mold your foot like a glove, and requires zero break-in time to do so.
– Cushioned insoles absorb shock while you move, so they’re a must. Bottom line? Booties can be fashionable yet ridiculously comfortable for day wear. Check out these comfy booties and thank us later.